Ten Things Learned From Game 2 Of The NBA Finals

  1. Steph Curry is about to become the Michael Jordan of Under Armour.
image via giphy.

2. The movie, Space Jam 2 would be better served with Steph Curry instead of LeBron James. Steph’s out-of-this-world 3’s would add to the type of excitement the Space Jam franchise needs. LeBron doesn’t even look like he is having fun when he plays basketball. In Space Jam 2, LeBron would be arguing with Daffy Duck, trying to treat Bugs Bunny as if he was Kyrie Irving, arguing with the Marvin The Martian over traveling calls, etc.. I don’t want to see a movie where LeBron tries to post up a Monstar.


3. Tyronn Lue is slowing realizing that he has an NBA Championship because he played for the Lakers.



4. The media is not impressed with the Cavaliers.


5. Kobe Bryant is a Ghostbuster now -__-


6. LeBron is leaving the Cavaliers at the first chance he gets.



7. Something needs to be done about the Eastern Conference.


8. The real NBA Finals was during the Western Conference Finals.


9. I am in no way excited for Game 3. In the official commercial, Black Thought of The Roots says says”‘Bron is searching for a spark. Taking this fight back to the land might just SET.. IT..OFF!” Lol, no it won’t.


10. Dwyane Wade is the coolest NBA player of all time.

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