Our Brief Thoughts On “Views”

On Thursday night, Drake dropped the most anticipated hip-hop album of 2016 with Views. Today, I have linked up with @easonwilson to listen to the album song by song, and provide our thoughts on the project.

Keep the Family Close

Lito: Drake decided to start Views as if it was a 60’s detective movie, where the only crime that exists is having his heart broken by his exes. What’s really dope is that I can picture this song being played by a live band on his “Summer Sixteen” tour.



Lito: This beat could have been on Street Fighter. Its crazy how the whole song is premised about how Drake turned rap upside down, coming from a place not known for rap. It’s very self-reflective, as if he wrote this while being chauffeured through Toronto.

U With Me?

Lito: As soon as I heard the cellphone in the beginning, I knew this song would be fire.

Eason: You had no clue what Drake was talking about when he made the  “three gray dots” reference did you? (Lito is a Galaxy 7 user).

Lito: I know what iPhone chat is.

Feel No Ways

Lito: This is definitely partying on a Saturday night in July music. Jordan Ullman beats always go in.


Lito: Him being outside so much in this album must be his way of showing how cold the “6” is.

Eason: Or how cold he is.


Lito: Ahhh, true. His bars are so on point here.  I don’t run out of material/You shouldn’t speak on me period/You tried to give them your side of the story/They heard it but they wasn’t hearing it. He’s being pretty direct, without name dropping.

Weston Road Flows

Eason: This is easily my favorite song. I cant help but think about my first year of law school when I hearing this song. The vibe brings back so many memories. But here we are it’s a new semester/40 the only one that know how I deal with the pressure/A lot of problems that can’t be fixed with a conversation. Deep.


Clarence: This is So Far Gone Drake.  All this song’s missing is Lloyd.

Eason: Lloyd? or Trey Songz?

Clarence: Actually, Omarion. But, this song further confuses me on what Drake wants  romantically. He wants women to be the loves of his life but only when he is with them. That’s pretty selfish, but whatever.

With You

Lito: Fun summer/dancehall song. Is Roy Woods on this?

Eason: I don’t know, I only see Partynextdoor referenced on this.

Lito: You can’t tell that there is someone else on here?

Eason: I can, but if it was Roy Wood’s wouldn’t he be in the credits?

Lito: This is Drake we are talking about. Jhene Aiko was on Wu-Tang Forever, almost nobody knew about it.


Lito: Oh, this is your song Eason.

Eason: This is going to be the anthem for beautiful women everywhere. You talk like you got what I need/You talk like you got the juice and the squeeze/Talk like you bet it all on me/And you can’t take no L’s off me.


image via Giphy

Lito: Plus, Mack Wildz’s music video matches the tempo of DVSN’s verse.

(Lito was referring to Mack’s Wild’s “Love In The 90z” music video, which was playing on the tv while we listened to the album. Try listening to it with the sound off on YouTube and you’ll see what he is talking about).

Still Here

Lito: This is Top 40 Drake. Driving music.

Eason: Lil Uzi Vert could hop on this song with no problem.


Lito: Songs like “Controlla” and “One Dance” are what has distinguishes Views from his previous albums. He is really embracing the Toronto sound that he incorporated in If  You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. But I hate that he is really trying to make “Ting” a thing.

One Dance

(Lito is currently dancing, therefore he is unable to comment.)


Lito: Straight from the What A Time To Be Alive recycling bin.

Eason: And then Desiinger comes in.

Child’s Play

Lito: This song begins with a sad truth. Replace Cheesecake Factory with Chipotle and that’s the majority of the women I dated in my early 20’s.

Pop Style

Lito: Which version of “Pop Style” we about to review?

Eason: Drake is a savage. He took Jay Z off the song, then took his “verse.” Hilarious. He replaced The Throne’s part with fire though. Problems hit the gym/They all work out.

Too Good

Lito: This is “Work” 2.0.

Summer’s Over Interlude

Lito: It’s funny how this song is named “Summer’s Over,” but the album starts off with what sounds like winter songs. This song should make people go back and listen to the Majid Jordan album. Wish it was longer.

Fire and Desire

Lito: I love the chipmunk samples. This is one of those that you listen to while standing by the window, creating mental montages, of your exes. I’m imagining Jada Pinkett and Blair Underwood in Set It Off for some reason.

Eason: Jason’s Lyric, Baby Boy type music.

Lito: This is white tank top love.


Lito: I like the beat, but it is really brash and harsh, kind of like organized chaos.

Eason: This has to be one of the hardest songs on the album. I got a pure soul, I don’t do the hate/ You don’t worry about fitting in when you custom made/Me and Nico used to plot on how to make a change/Now me and Kobe doing shots the night before the game.  From “Thank Me Now” to “The Ride,” to “30 for 30” and now this, his last song(s) tends to be the one that cements the project together lyrically.

Hotline Bling

Eason: I still appreciate this dance.


Overall, Views was as good as expected.

Favorite Songs: Weston Road Flows, Redemption, Views.


  • Believe it or not, I still haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet because I can’t be bothered to go through the Drake release process of- ‘what is this?>This is boring> All the songs are the same> *20 listens later*>Wait I love it, play it everyday’ I really like ‘Too Good’. I loved ‘One Dance’ to start with because the original used to be the best summer tune


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