Cool Cafe: Illegal Fries

Illegal Fries

Makes 1 Serving

Preparation Time: Depends on how many times you check your phone.

What You Will Need:

1) A White Potato (Or sweet potato if you prefer)

2) Garlic powder

3) Parmesan cheese

4) Old Bay seasoning

5) Louisiana Hot Sauce

6) Ketchup

7) A glass of beer (Optional but not really)

This creation is my own variation of truffle fries. It’s a very simple recipe to make. Let’s begin.

1.) Slice potatoes into French fries and allow them to sit in cold water while you prepare your oil. (I like to make them as thin as possible while leaving the skin on.)


2) Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

3) Once the oil gets hot, drop the fries in the pan, and allow them to get golden brown.

4) Once brown, remove fries from oil, and allow them to drain on paper towels.

5) Here’s my favorite part: Seasoning Time! Take your Old Bay seasoning and garlic powder, and lightly sprinkle them over the fries at the same time. (When the Old Bay and garlic powder meet in mid-air, they kiss and create a totally different flavor by the time they touch the fries. Don’t question me on this.) Then, shower the fries with parmesan cheese.

6) Drizzle the fries with Louisiana hot sauce and ketchup.

7.) Take a picture of the fries.

8.) Eat the fries


9.) Drink the glass of beer and enjoy yourself.

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