The Walking Dead Season Finale: 90 Minutes That I Will Never Get Back

For a week, everyone knew that someone was going to die on the season finale of The Walking Dead. The last scene in the penultimate episode opened the door to the idea that Daryl may die, after he was shot by a member of the Saviors. If Daryl was not going to become the newest walker, many thought this week’s casualty would be Glenn. In the comic book world of TWD, Glenn dies at the hands of the Savior’s leader, Negan, who beats Glenn to death with a barbed wire baseball bat named “Lucille.” It was imminent that Negan would make his grand introduction on the season finale, and since Glenn was being held captive by the Saviors, his death would not have been surprising.

We all knew that someone would die, and as a result, the season finale of TWD was not satisfying.

The writers of TWD trolled America on Sunday night. The season finale was a special 90-minute episode, which was necessary only to cover the extra mileage that Abraham had to drive after making three different detours. While watching the finale with Lito, I jokingly said that we were not going to find out if Daryl was okay until we were 25 minutes into the show. I said this because TWD‘s writers knew that I and the rest of the show’s audience were anxiously waiting to learn Daryl’s fate, and that anxiety could be used to build up anticipation. But, I was wrong, because it took Daryl 80 minutes to appear onscreen, (If I could put numbers in all caps to show my frustration, I would).

Unfortunately, that was not the worst part of the episode. TWD failed at delivering the identity of the character that was actually killed. Rick’s crew is lined up, Negan plays the most sadistic version of eenie meenie miney mo that I have ever seen, and when Negan picks his victim, the camera angle shifts to first person view. During the beating, I felt like Negan was attacking me, which was weird because I could hear members of Rick’s crew screaming, and I wanted to somehow tell them that I was okay and did not pee my pants.


image via ew

TWD is a rating’s powerhouse and its writers will do everything in their power to have us coming back. Unfortunately, I think the TWD is doing the most with the finale cliffhanger. Instead of talking about how much we miss whoever the human baseball is, we now must talk about who we think was being killed until the fall.  I don’t want to converse about Morgan finding Carol, or how uncomfortable I am with Maggie’s potential miscarriage. Quite frankly, I am annoyed because I could have just tuned in for the Season 7 premiere and would have been brought up to speed when the victim’s identity is revealed. Sunday night is a big television night for me, and knowing that I chose TWD over Shameless this week will not sit well with me.

Good job TWD, you got your gasp from me, but I have no clue why.

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