A Petition To Arrest Donald Trump Only Needs 16,000 More Signatures

Ted Cruz’s best chance of winning the GOP may come down to getting Trump behind bars.

The White House Petition accuses Trump of violating Brandenburg v. Ohio, the Supreme Court case which prohibits speech that is “directed to inciting, and is likely to incite, imminent lawless action.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures to be heard by the Obama Administration, and currently has over 84,000 signatures.

In January, members of the British Parliament debated whether Trump should be blocked from entering the UK, after a petition to ban the GOP Frontrunner from entering Britain received more than 570,000 signatures. The petition only needed 100k signatures to be recognized by the Parliament.

Will this new petition serve as Trump’s Achilles heel? Probably not, considering the majority of his statements are abstract, lacking little evidence to prove culpability.

Although, it doesn’t hurt to dream.


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