Chris Christie’s Face Was The Reality For A lot of Law Students

Chris Christie looked miserable last night.

While running for President, it was Christie who said that Donald Trump was running for “Entertainer—In—Chief.”  On Super Tuesday, it was Christie, looking void of elation, who opened the Trump rally in Florida, stating that Trump has what it takes to become the next President of the United States.

But hey, at least he got a job.

Christie is the mirror for so many 3L’s that will be graduating with a law degree in May. According to the National Association for Law Placement, more people are graduating with law degrees than there are law jobs. Many 3L’s have secured employment, but it may not be in the field of law that interests them, or it may be in an area where they don’t want to live. For instance, Maryland and California public defender offices do not make entry-level hiring decisions until an applicant has passed the bar exam for their state. The earliest that a law graduate can take the bar exam is in July, with the test results released in November. This means that a potential public defender may be sitting on their parent’s couch for the remainder of 2016 (I hope not, but some people are lazy), or change teams and become a prosecutor somewhere else, including Washington D.C, New York City, or even Miami, Florida (Going to Wet Willie’s after losing a trial is probably a great stress reliever).

I remember my first externship with a law firm in D.C. My duties included picking up breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, printing out last minute motions at FedEx Office because the firm’s printer broke, and working as front-door security at the annual winter party. I did this for a stipend that probably covered some of the metro fare necessary to travel to and from the firm. Needless to say, I made many Christie-esque facial expressions throughout the semester.

Christie’s role seems obvious is in the “Make America Great Again” movement—to become the next Vice-President of the United States if Trump takes the GOP and wins the general election in November. Super Tuesday was a career move for Christie, one that may take time adjusting to. For those discouraged about the legal job market, or with their current job offer, just know that nothing is permanent, and the job of your dreams may be a few cases away. Plus, when you turn 35, becoming President may be an option, and if so, you can think about making Christie your VP.


If you do, just ask him to show a little more teeth.

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Eason Wilson

A law student full of dreams and sometimes, I sleep.

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