The Best Argument To Prove 50 Cent Is Broke

On social media, imagination imitates reality. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to post pictures and comments at will, creating a view of one’s life that otherwise would not be seen. In hip-hop, image is essential, and some rappers will try took look as flamboyant as possible, regardless if the courts are watching.

That’s the scenario of 50 Cent, who has been ordered back to Connecticut Bankruptcy Court after Judge Ann Nevins became concerned that 50—real name Curtis James Jackson III—is being dishonest of his assets. In July 2015, 50 filed for bankruptcy, claiming he is financially unable to pay the $5 million verdict for publishing a sex tape featuring the ex-girlfriend of rival rapper, Rick Ross. At one point, 50’s lawyer said his client is only worth $4.4 million, even though Forbes previously estimated the rapper’s fortune to be about $155 million in May 2015.

So how is 50 Cent going to explain this?:




Or this?:


He has more money than food?!

One of the best arguments 50’s legal team can make is that nobody except for 50 Cent can confirm how much money is actually in any of these photos. Granted, $100 bills are at the top of every stack of cash, but the remaining bills could be anything from $20’s to $1’s. Having a total of $50,000 in your refrigerator may be unsanitary, but is unlikely to get him out of chapter 11 status.

You can’t believe everything you see. 50 Cent definitely looks rich, but his legal team gets paid to look like geniuses. Feel free to use this argument, pro bono.


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